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Today, we find it almost impossible to live without electricity. Practically all of our processes run through electricity, both in private and business settings. In fact, electricity is quite possibly the most important invention that science has given to mankind. It has become an indispensable part of modern life and one cannot imagine a world without it. As a consequence, lack of electricity can turn out to be catastrophic. Fortunately, a standby generator will take away these problems and save you a lot of headaches if electricity fails for whatever reason.

The driving force

At All Power Solution we are aware of the fact that buying a generator implies a big investment. For that same reason we offer a wide range of used generators for sale. Our generators will give you an ideal power solution for a fair price. It is a very convenient budget solution during power failures. By buying a used generator, you will be still able to count on the same reliability, but you will be doing this whilst making a considerable financial saving.

Used generator solutions

At All Power Solution we offer generators off all kind, including stationary and mobile generators from leading manufacturers. We are more than happy to discuss all of your needs and deliver advice on the most suitable power solution for your company and industry. We also offer complementary services such as maintenance, overhaul, reconditioning, commissioning and installation and are able to help with the supply of spare parts. Would you like to know more about our used generators for sale? Feel free to contact us.


Lowest Price

Buying an used generator at competitive prices has never been easier. All Power Solution offers a wide range of low-priced gas and diesel generators. as well as complete power plants.


Extensive Spare Parts

We offer spare parts that can be replaced when they malfunction or break down owing to an accident or age. We offer a wide range of spare parts of popular brands like Caterpillar, Jenbacher and Waukesha.


Delivery from Stock

Very short delivery times – from order to delivery – are a big challenge in the logistics of generators. All Power Solutions delivers generators direct from stock and can guarantee short delivery times.


Worldwide Shipping

All Power Solution can deliver your generator anywhere. In cooperation with our logistics partners we are able to provide our generators worldwide reaching even the most remote destinations.