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With rock solid reliability, you can’t go wrong with our industrial generators. With outstanding performances in terms of engineering and manufacturing, our used industrial generators always deliver power reliably. This is done efficiently, cleanly and cost effectively. Pushed at trials to work beyond the rated loads, our used industrial generators work flawlessly, just as they...
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If you have found yourself in the need of one, a second hand generator is a more than convenient and affordable option. Being able to count on all the benefits of a new generator at a glimp of the price, used generators are perfect to increase your operational efficiency and at the same time provide...
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Power ratings of generators are sometimes expressed in kW and sometimes in kVa. So what is kVa? First of all “k” here means kilo that is equal to 1000 units of Va power. When we talk about power there are 3 powers involved. Apparent Power (S) Reactive Power (Q) Real Power (P)   So what is...
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Electricity offers countless advantages in our day to day life. It is used for lighting houses, working fans and turning on domestic dives such as electric stoves, the electrical heater and even air conditioning. All these appliances provide comfort. In factories, machines produce with the simple help of electricity. Essential matters like food, clothing and...
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In today’s world, we find it harder and harder to operate without the use of electricity. So many of our systems, processes and appliances now run on electricity that an interruption in our power supply can cause all types of problems in the areas of production, security, access and more. In many cases, having a...
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We have many years of experience in Sales, Service, and Power Plant Management. Whether you need an used generators to power your farm or factory, you have come to the right place.

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