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J 620 GS-NL





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Used Jenbacher engines

For over 60 years, Jenbacher have been the generators you can trust. Known for its heavy equipment, machinery, and power generators. Jenbacher engines offer many years of constant safety and outstanding performance. Their impressive collection of commercial generators deliver thousands of hours of intensive use before any maintenance is even needed, making them a good choice for companies in the industry for everything from small to big generators.

Made in Austria

The Jenbacher gas engines are all manufactured in the Austrian town of Jenbach in the Tyrol region, hence the name for this innovative generator. All of Jenbacher products are carefully developed and tested, and perfectly matched the client’s exact needs. Key components used for solid engine operation – spark plugs, gas mixer, and engine controls amongst others – are manufactured directly in Jenbach and Waukesha (United States). This allows Jenbacher to fully control the production, system integration, and testing of each single unit.

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